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Who is USERYKA ?

Over the last 10 years during my work on so-called "innovative" projects, I have noticed that most remained at the demonstrator stage, were rejected by the Operational, unsightly, almost infeasible in production, nebulous profitability and the plan validation does not exist.

My conclusion was that we had to do things differently.

Based on my training as an Engineer, my experience in industry, the management of my projects, and with my perspective as a Designer, I developed USERYKA, a structured and strategic methodology for Pre-projects, based on User Experience, Technical Architecture and Product-Process.


The objective is to make technology useful, used and usable by Humans.

Whatever the project, I want Humans to be drawn, and that's why the little men who animate these pages.

Raised on comics, Star Wars, Marvel and Jules Verne, I can't help but dream.

A former high-level athlete in acrobatic sports, I know that to achieve a result, work is necessary but also above all the Method, which in no way restricts imagination and creativity, quite the contrary, and those who who accompany me know this well.


Professionnal career: 


  Investment Engineer / SAINT-GOBAIN SEKURIT - 5 ans

  Automotive Architecte / STOLA - 3 ans

  Prototypes and Architecture Manager / RENAULT SPORTS - 10 ans 

  Industrial Designer / RB3D - 3 ans 

  Industrial Designer / ROBOTICS INDUSTRY - 3 ans

  Architecture Designer / H2X – 2 ans


Diploma : 

  Master Design Industriel - Conception Innovante 2010 à STRATE DESIGN

  Ingénieur mécanique (Matériaux - Design Industriel) 1993 UTC Compiègne

Skills :


  Ability to synthesize, schematize, script

  Agile project management

  Sketching, drawing and related DTP tools (Illustrator, Sketchbook)

  3D Expert (SolidWorks, Alias, Keyshot)

  Strong industrial experience 

  Languages: French, English, Italian





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